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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XV

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Chapter XV.—Pairs.

“Hence therefore God, teaching men with respect to the truth of existing things, being Himself one, has distinguished all principles into pairs and opposites, 923 Himself being one and sole God from the beginning, having made heaven and earth, day and night, light and fire, sun and moon, life and death.  But man alone amongst these He made self-controlling, having a fitness to be either righteous or unrighteous.  To him also he hath varied the figures of combinations, placing before him small things first, and great ones afterwards, such as the world and eternity.  But the world that now is, is temporary; that which shall be, is eternal.  First is ignorance, then knowledge.  So also has He arranged the leaders of prophecy.  For, since the present world is female, as a mother bringing forth the souls of her children, but the world to come is male, as a father receiving his children from their mother, therefore in this world there come a succession of prophets, as being sons of the world to come, and having knowledge of men.  And if pious men had understood this mystery, they would never have gone astray, but even now they should have known that Simon, who now enthralls all men, is a fellow-worker of error and deceit.  Now, the doctrine of the prophetic rule is as follows.



Literally, “twofoldly and oppositely.”  [On the doctrine of pairs compare chap. 33, iii. 23, Recognitions, iii. 61.—R.]

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