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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter VI

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Chapter VI.—The True Prophet.

“Now the Prophet of the truth is He who always knows all things—things past as they were, things present as they are, things future as they shall be; sinless, merciful, alone entrusted with the declaration of the truth.  Read, and you shall find that those were deceived 920 who thought that they had found the truth of themselves.  For this is peculiar to the Prophet, to declare the truth, even as it is peculiar to the sun to bring the day.  Wherefore, as many as have even desired to know the truth, but have not had the good fortune to learn it from Him, have not p. 230 found it, but have died seeking it.  For how can he find the truth who seeks it from his own ignorance?  And even if he find it, he does not know it, and passes it by as if it were not.  Nor yet shall he be able to obtain possession of the truth from another, who, in like manner, promises to him knowledge from ignorance; excepting only the knowledge of morality and things of that sort, which can be known through reason, which affords to every one the knowledge that he ought not to wrong another, through his not wishing himself to be wronged.



“Were deceived” is not in the text, but the sense demands some such expression should be supplied.

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