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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXII

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Chapter XXII.—Thanksgiving.

When I had thus spoken, Peter said:  “I give thanks to God, both for your salvation and for my satisfaction.  For I am truly pleased to know that you apprehend what is the greatness of prophecy.  Since, then, as you say, if I myself should ever wish—which God forbid—to transfer you to another doctrine, I shall not be able to persuade you, begin from to-morrow to attend upon me in the discussions with the adversaries.  And to-morrow I have one with Simon Magus.”  And having spoken thus, and he himself having partaken of food in private, he ordered me also to partake; 916 and having blessed the food, and having given thanks after being satisfied, and having giving me an account of this matter, he went on to say:  “May God grant you in all things to be made like unto me, and having been baptized, to partake of the same table with me.”  And having thus spoken, he enjoined me to go to rest; for now indeed my bodily nature demanded sleep.



[Comp. Homily XIII. 4. and Recognitions, i. 19.—R.]

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