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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter I

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p. 223 The Clementine Homilies.

Books I. to V. have been translated by Rev. Thomas Smith, D.D.; Books VI.–XII. by Peter Peterson, M.A.; and Books XIII.–XX. by Dr. Donaldson.


Homily I.

Chapter I.—Boyish Questionings.

I Clement, being a Roman citizen, 900 even from my earliest youth was able to live chastely, my mind from my boyhood drawing away the lust that was in me to dejection and distress.  For I had a habit of reasoning—how originating I know not—making frequent cogitations concerning death:  When I die, shall I neither exist, nor shall any one ever have any remembrance of me, while boundless time bears all things of all men into forgetfulness? and shall I then be without being, or acquaintance with those who are; neither knowing nor being known, neither having been nor being?  And has the world ever been made? and was there anything before it was made?  For if it has been always, it shall also continue to be; but if it has been made, it shall also be dissolved.  And after its dissolution, shall there ever be anything again, unless, perhaps, silence and forgetfulness?  Or perhaps something shall be which is not possible now to conceive.



[The first six chapters agree closely with the corresponding passage in the Recognitions.—R.]

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