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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter LXII

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Chapter LXII.—A Case of Conscience.

When Peter made this intimation to my father, he answered:  “I know what you wish; do not trouble yourself further:  for I understand and know what I am to undertake when I come to the place.”  And Peter gave him further instruction, saying:  “When therefore you come to the place, and see the people turned by your discourse, and laying aside their hatred, and returning to their longing for me, send and tell me, and I shall come immediately; and when I come, I shall without delay set you free from this strange countenance, and restore to you your own, which is known to all your friends.”  And having said this, he ordered my brothers to go with him, and at the same time our mother Matthidia, and some of our friends.  But my mother refused to go along with him, and said:  “It seems as if I should be an adulteress if I were to associate with the countenance of Simon; but if I be compelled to go along with him, it is at all events impossible that I can lie in the same bed with him; but I do not know if I can consent even to go with him.”  And when she stoutly refused, Anubion began to exhort her, saying:  “Believe me and Peter.  But does not even his voice persuade you that he is your husband Faustinianus, whom truly I love not less than you do?  And, in short, I also myself shall come with you.”  And when Anubion had said this, my mother promised that she would go with him.

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