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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter LV

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Chapter LV.—A Stratagem.

“And when we saw no way of getting out of the difficulty, there came Cornelius the centurion, being sent by Cæsar to the president of Cæsarea on public business.  Him we sent for alone, and told him the reason why we were sorrowful, and entreated him that, if he could do anything, he should help us.  Then he most readily promised that he would straightway put him to flight, if only we would aid his plans.  And when we promised that we would be active in doing everything, he said, ‘Cæsar has ordered sorcerers to be sought out and destroyed in the city of Rome and through the provinces, and a great number of them have been already destroyed.  I shall therefore give out, through my friends, that I am come to apprehend that magician, and that I am sent by Cæsar for this purpose, that he may be punished with the rest of his fraternity.  Let your people, therefore, who are with him in disguise, intimate to him, as if they had heard it from some quarter, that I am sent to apprehend him; and when he hears this, he is sure to take to flight.  Or if you think of anything better, tell me.  Why need I say more?’  It was so done by those of ours who were with him, disguised for the purpose of acting as spies on him.  And when Simon learned that this was come upon him, he received the information as a great kindness conferred upon him by them, and took to flight.  He therefore departed from Antioch, and, as we have heard, came hither with Athenodorus.

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