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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XIII

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Chapter XIII.—People Admitted.

“If you have anything that you wish to say to this, say on.”  Then my father:  “Nothing can be more true, my son, than what you have stated.”  And while we were thus speaking among ourselves, some one informed us that a great multitude of people were standing outside, having assembled for the purpose of hearing.  Then Peter ordered them to be admitted, for the place was large and convenient.  And when they had come in, Peter said to us:  “If any one of you wishes, let him address the people, and discourse concerning idolatry.”  To whom I Clement answered:  “Your great benignity and gentleness and patience towards all encourages us, so that we dare speak in your presence, and ask what we please; and therefore, as I said, the gentleness of your disposition invites and encourages all to undertake the precepts of saving doctrine.  This I never saw before in any one else, but in you only, with whom there is neither envy nor indignation.  Or what do you think?

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