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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXXV

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Chapter XXXV.—Revelations.

When he had said this, he turned to the crowds, and thus began:  “This person whom you see, O men, in this poor garb, is a citizen of the city Rome, descended of the stock of Cæsar himself.  His name is Faustinianus.  He obtained as his wife a woman of the highest rank, Matthidia by name.  By her he had three sons, two of whom were twins; and the one who was the younger, whose name was Clement, is this man!”  When he said this, he pointed to me with his finger.  “And his twin sons are these men, Niceta and Aquila, the one of whom was formerly called Faustinus and the other Faustus.” 852   But as soon as Peter pronounced our names, all the old man’s limbs were weakened, and he fell down in a swoon.  But we his sons rushed to him, and embraced and kissed him, fearing that we might not be able to recall his spirit.  And while these things were going on, the people were confounded with very wonder.



[Compare the account of the recognition in Homily XIV. 9.—R.]

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