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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXVIII

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Chapter XXVIII.—Jewish Customs.

“I shall add another thing which may satisfy even the most incredulous.  All the Jews who live under the law of Moses circumcise their sons on the eighth day without fail, and shed the blood of the tender infant.  But no one of the Gentiles has ever submitted to this on the eighth day; and, on the other hand, no one of the Jews has ever omitted it.  How then shall the account of Genesis stand with this, since Jews live in all parts of the world, mixed with Gentiles, and on the eighth day suffer the cutting of a member?  And no one of the Gentiles, but only they themselves, as I have said, do this, induced to it not by the compulsion of any star, nor by the perfusion 848 of blood, but by the law of their religion; and in whatever part of the world they are, this sign is familiar to them.  But also the fact that one name is among them all, wheresoever they are, does this also come through Genesis?  And also that no child born among them is ever exposed, and that on every seventh day they all rest, wherever they may be, and do not go upon a journey, and do not use fire? 849   Why is it, then, that no one of the Jews is compelled by Genesis to go on a journey, or to build, or to sell or buy anything on that day?



Probably we should read perfusionem instead of perfusione, and then the translation would be:  “no star compelling, or even urging on them the shedding of blood.”  So Whiston translates.


Ex. xxxv. 3.

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