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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter LVII

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Chapter LVII.—The Old Man Unconvinced.

Then the old man:  “Do not take amiss, my son, what I am going to say.  Though your words are powerful, yet they cannot lead me to believe that anything can be done apart from Genesis.  For I know that all things have happened to me by the necessity of Genesis828 and therefore I cannot be persuaded that either to do well or to do ill is in our power; and if we have not our actions in our power, it cannot be believed that there is a judgment to come, by which either punishments may be inflicted on the evil, or rewards bestowed on the good.  In short, since I see that you are initiated in this sort of learning, I shall lay before you a few things from the art itself.”  “If,” says Aquila, “you wish to add anything from that science, my p. 181 brother Clement will answer you with all care, since he has attended more fully to the science of mathematics.  For I can maintain in other ways that our actions are in our own power; but I ought not to presume upon those things which I have not learned.”



[Comp. Homily XIV. 3, etc.—R.]

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