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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXXIX

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Chapter XXXIX.—Recapitulation of Yesterday’s Argument.

When Peter had thus spoken, immediately the crowd began to make room for the old man. 820   And when he had come forward, he thus began:  “Although I do not remember the words of the discourse which the young man delivered yesterday, yet I recollect the purport and the order of it; and therefore I think it necessary, for the sake of those who were not present yesterday, to call up what was said, and to repeat everything shortly, that, although something may have escaped me, I may be reminded of it by him who delivered the discourse, who is now present.  This, then, was the purport of yesterday’s discussion:  that all things that we see, inasmuch as they consist in a certain proportion, and art, and form, and species, must be believed to have been made by intelligent power; but if it be mind and reason that has formed them, it follows that the world is governed by the providence of the same reason, although the things which are done in the world may seem to us to be not quite rightly done.  But it follows, that if God and mind is the creator of all things, He must also be just; but if p. 176 He is just, He necessarily judges.  If He judges, it is of necessity that men be judged with respect to their doings; and if every one is judged in respect of his doings, there shall at some time be a righteous separation between righteous men and sinners.  This, I think, was the substance of the whole discourse.



[The second day’s discussion, in which Aquila is the main speaker, is also of a high order.  It is, as already indicated, peculiar to the Recognitions, though with the usual incidental correspondences in the Homilies.—R.]

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