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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXXIII

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Chapter XXXIII.—Another Wreck Prevented.

“But we adhered, for friendship’s sake and boyish companionship, to one Simon, a magician, who was educated along with us, so that we were almost deceived by him.  For there is mention made in our religion of a certain Prophet, whose coming was hoped for by all who observe that p. 164 religion, through whom immortal and happy life is promised to be given to those who believe in Him.  Now we thought that this Simon was he.  But these things shall be explained to you, O mother, at a more convenient season.  Meanwhile, when we were almost deceived by Simon, a certain colleague of my lord Peter, Zacchæus by name, warned us that we should not be duped by the magician, but presented us to Peter on his arrival, that by him we might be taught the things which were sound and perfect.  And this we hope will happen to you also, even as God has vouchsafed it to us, that we may be able to eat and have a common table with you.  Thus therefore it was, O mother, that you believed that we were drowned in the sea, while we were stolen by pirates.”

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