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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXI

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Chapter XXI.—A Discovery.

When Peter had thus spoken, the woman, struck with astonishment, fainted.  Then Peter began to hold her up, and to comfort her, and to ask what was the matter, or what she suffered.  But she at length, with difficulty recovering her breath, and nerving herself up to the greatness of the joy which she hoped for, and at the same time wiping her face, said:  “Is he here, the youth of whom you speak?”  But Peter, when he understood the matter, said:  “Tell me first, or else you shall not see him.”  Then she said:  “I am the mother of the youth.”  Then says Peter:  “What is his name?”  And she answered:  “Clement.”  Then said Peter:  “It is himself; and he it was that spoke with me a little while ago, and whom I ordered to go before me to the ship.”  Then she fell down at Peter’s feet and began to entreat him that he would hasten to the ship.  Then Peter said:  “Yes, if you will promise me that you will do as I say.”  Then she said:  “I will do anything; only show me my only son, for I think that in him I shall see my twins also.”  Then Peter said:  “When you have seen him, dissemble for a little time, until we leave the island.”  “I will do so,” she said.

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