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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XX

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Chapter XX.—Folly of Idolatry.

“And yet who can be found so senseless as to be persuaded to worship an idol, whether it be made of gold or of any other metal?  To whom is it not manifest that the metal is just that which the artificer pleased?  How then can the divinity be thought to be in that which would not be at all unless the artificer had pleased?  Or how can they hope that future things should be declared to them by that in which there is no perception of present things?  For although they should divine something, they should not straightway be held to be gods; for divination is one thing, divinity is another.  For the Pythons also seem to divine, yet they are not gods; and, in short, they are driven out of men by Christians.  And how can that be God which is put to flight by a man?  But perhaps you will say, What as to their effecting cures, and their showing how one can be cured?  On this principle, physicians ought also to be worshipped as gods, for they cure many; and in proportion as any one is more skilful, the more he will cure.

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