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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter LXXIV

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Chapter LXXIV.—Farewell to Cæsarea.

Peter therefore ordered the letter to be read to the people; and after the reading of it, he addressed them and gave them full instructions about everything, but especially that they should obey Zacchæus, whom he had ordained bishop over them.  Also he commended the presbyters and the deacons to the people, and not less the people to them.  And then, announcing that he should spend the winter at Tripolis, he said:  “I commend you to the grace of God, being about to depart to-morrow, with God’s will.  But during the whole three months which he spent at Cæsarea, for the sake of instruction, whatever he discoursed of in the presence of the people in the day-time, he explained more fully and perfectly in the night, in private to us, as more faithful and completely approved by him.  And at the same time he commanded me, because he understood that I carefully stored in my memory what I heard, to commit to writing whatever seemed worthy of record, and to send it to you, my lord James, as also I did, in obedience to his command.”

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