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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XLIV

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Chapter XLIV.—Sight or Hearing?

Then Peter:  “I shall speak so that it may be proved to you before all the rest.  Answer me, therefore, which of the two can better persuade an incredulous man, seeing or hearing?”  Then Simon said:  “Seeing.”  Then Peter:  “Why then do you wish to learn from me by words, what is proved to you by the thing itself and by sight?”  Then Simon:  “I know not what you mean.”  Then Peter:  “If you do not know, go now to your house, and entering the inner bed-chamber you will see an image placed, containing the figure of a murdered boy clothed in purple; ask him, and he will inform you either by hearing or seeing.  For what need is there to hear from him if the soul is immortal, when you see it standing before you?  For if it were not in being, it assuredly could not be seen.  But if you know not what image I speak of, let us straightway go to your house, with ten other men, of those who are here present.” 697



[Comp. book ii. 15 and Homily II. 26.—R.]

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