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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXIX

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p. 122 Chapter XXIX.—Corruptible and Temporary Things Made by the Incorruptible and Eternal.

Then Simon:  “It does not seem to me that the heaven, which has been made by God, can be dissolved.  For things made by the Eternal One are eternal, while things made by a corruptible one are temporary and decaying.”  Then Peter:  “It is not so.  Indeed corruptible and temporary things of all sorts are made by mortal creatures; but the Eternal does not always make things corruptible, nor always incorruptible; but according to the will of God the Creator, so will be the things which He creates.  For the power of God is not subject to law, but His will is law to His creatures.”  Then Simon answered:  “I call you back to the first question.  You said now that God is visible to no one; but when that heaven shall be dissolved, and that superior condition of the heavenly kingdom shall shine forth, then those who are pure in heart 686 shall see God; which statement is contrary to the law, for there it is written that God said, ‘None shall see my face and live.’” 687



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