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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXVII

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Chapter XXVII.—The Visible Heaven:  Why Made.

But Simon, perceiving that Peter was clearly assigning a reason from the head of prophecy, from which the whole question is settled, declined that the discourse should take this turn; and thus answered:  “Give me an answer to the questions that I put, and tell me, if that visible heaven is, as you say, to be dissolved, why was it made at first?”  Peter answered:  “It was made for the sake of this present life of men, that there might be some sort of interposition and separation, lest any unworthy one might see the habitation of the celestials and the abode of God Himself, which are prepared in order to be seen by those only who are of pure heart. 685   But now, that is in the time of the conflict, it has pleased Him that those things be invisible, which are destined as a reward to the conquerers.”  Then Simon said:  “If the Creator is good, and the world is good, how shall He who is good ever destroy that which is good?  But if He shall destroy that which is good, how shall He Himself be thought to be good?  But if He shall dissolve and destroy it as evil, how shall He not appear to be evil, who has made that which is evil?”



Matt. v. 8.

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