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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XII

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Chapter XII. 676 —Second Day’s Discussion.

But when the day had dawned, some one came in and said:  “There is a very great multitude waiting in the court, and in the midst of them stands Simon, endeavouring to preoccupy the ears of the people with most wicked persuasions.”  Then Peter, immediately going out, stood in the place where he had disputed the day before, and all the people turning to him with joy, gave heed to him.  But when Simon perceived that the people rejoiced at the sight of Peter, and were moved to love him, he said in confusion:  “I wonder at the folly of men, who call me a magician, and love Peter; whereas, having knowledge of me of old, they ought to love me rather.  And therefore from this sign those who have sense may understand that Peter may rather seem to be the magician, since affection is not borne to me, to whom it is almost due from acquaintance, but is abundantly expended upon him, to whom it is not due by any familiarity.” 677



Chaps ii.–xii. are wanting in the mss. of best authority; and it seems to us indisputable that they form no part of the original work.  For this reason, and because we have found them utterly untranslatable, we have omitted them.


[Comp. Homily XVII. 2 for a similar accusation made by Simon.—R.]

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