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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter LXIII

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Chapter LXIII.—Peter’s Reverie.

Then Peter:  “In short, when I did not perceive, through the occupation of my mind, that I had caught a very large fish which was attached to the hook, and that although it was dragging the hook-line from my hand, my brother Andrew, who was sitting by me, seeing me in a reverie and almost ready to fall, thrusting his elbow into my side as if he would awaken me from sleep, said:  ‘Do you not see, Peter, what a large fish you have caught?  Are you out of your senses, that you are thus in a stupor of astonishment?  Tell me, What is the matter with you?’  But I was angry with him for a little, because he had withdrawn me from the delight of those things which I was contemplating; then I answered that I was not suffering from any malady, but that I was mentally gazing on the beloved Jerusalem, and at the same time on Cæsarea; and p. 115 that, while I was indeed with him in the body, in my mind I was wholly carried away thither.  But he, I know not whence inspired, uttered a hidden and secret word of truth.”

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