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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XLVIII

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Chapter XLVIII.—Peter’s Answer.

Then Peter says:  “You do not perceive that you are making statements in opposition to yourself.  For if our Jesus also knows Him whom ye call the unknown God, then He is not known by you alone.  Yea, if our Jesus knows Him, then Moses also, who prophesied that Jesus should come, assuredly could not himself be ignorant of Him.  For he was a prophet; and he who prophesied of the Son doubtless knew the Father.  For if it is in the option of the Son to reveal the Father to whom He will, then the Son, who has been with the Father from the beginning, and through all generations, as He revealed the Father to Moses, so also to the other prophets; but if this be so, it is evident that the Father has not been unknown to any of them.  But how could the Father be revealed to you, who do not believe in the Son, since the Father is known to none except him to whom the Son is pleased to reveal Him?  But the Son reveals the Father to those who honour the Son as they honour the Father.” 660



John v. 23.

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