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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter III

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Chapter III.—Need of Caution.

Then Peter, being pleased to hear that I understood the purport of his preface, that he had delivered it for our advantage; and commending me, doubtless for the purpose of encouraging, and stimulating me, began to deliver the following discourse: 602   “It seems to me to be seasonable and necessary to have some discussion relating to those things that are near at hand; that is, concerning Simon.  For I should wish to know of what character and of what conduct he is.  Wherefore, if any one of you has any knowledge of him, let him not fail to inform me; for it is of consequence to know these things beforehand.  For if we have it in charge, p. 98 that when we enter into a city we should first learn who in it is worthy, 603 that we may eat with him, how much more is it proper for us to ascertain who or what sort of man he is to whom the words of immortality are to be committed!  For we ought to be careful, yea, extremely careful, that we cast not our pearls before swine. 604



[In the Homilies the discourse before the discussion with Simon is much fuller.—R.]


Matt. x. 11.


Matt. vii. 6.

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