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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter LXXII

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Chapter LXXII.—Peter Sent to Cæsarea.

“While, therefore, we abode in Jericho, and gave ourselves to prayer and fasting, James the bishop sent for me, and sent me here to Cæsarea, saying that Zacchæus had written to him from Cæsarea, that one Simon, a Samaritan magician, was subverting many of our people, asserting that he was one Stans598 —that is, in other words, the Christ, and the great power of the high God, which is superior to the Creator of the world; at the same time that he showed many miracles, and made some doubt, and others fall away to him.  He informed me of all things that had been ascertained respecting this man from those who had formerly been either his associates or his disciples, and had afterwards been converted to Zacchæus.  ‘Many therefore there are, O Peter,’ said James, ‘for whose safety’s sake it behoves you to go and to refute the magician, and to teach the word of truth.  Therefore make no delay; nor let it grieve you that you set out alone, knowing that God by Jesus will go with you, and will help you, and that soon, by His grace, you will have many associates and sympathizers.  Now be sure that you send me in writing every year an account of your sayings and doings, and especially at the end of every seven years.’  With these expressions he dismissed me, and in six days I arrived at Cæsarea.” 599



[Comp. book ii. 7 and Homily II. 22, 24.—R.]


[The visit of Peter to Cæsarea narrated in Acts x. was for a very different purpose.  It is probable that the author of the Recognitions connected the persecution by Saul and the sorceries of Simon because of the similar juxtaposition in Acts viii.—R.]

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