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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter LXV

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Chapter LXV.—Tumult Stilled by Gamaliel.

“When I had thus spoken, the whole multitude of the priests were in a rage, because I had foretold to them the overthrow of the temple.  Which when Gamaliel, a chief of the people, saw—who was secretly our brother in the faith, but by our advice remained among them—because they were greatly enraged and moved with intense fury against us, he stood up, and said, 593 ‘Be quiet for a little, O men of Israel, for ye do not perceive the trial which hangs over you.  Wherefore refrain from these men; and if what they are engaged in be of human counsel, it will soon come to an end; but if it be from God, why will you sin without cause, and prevail nothing?  For who can overpower the will of God?  Now therefore, since the day is declining towards evening, I shall myself dispute with these men to-morrow, in this same place, in your hearing, so that I may openly oppose and clearly confute every error.’  By this speech of his their fury was to some extent checked, especially in the hope that next day we should be publicly convicted of error; and so he dismissed the people peacefully.”



Acts v. 35-39.

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