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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter L

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Chapter L.—His Rejection by the Jews.

“But what I say is this:  It was to be expected that Christ should be received by the Jews, to whom He came, and that they should believe on Him who was expected for the salvation of the people, according to the traditions of the fathers; but that the Gentiles should be averse to Him, since neither promise nor announcement concerning Him had been made to them, and indeed he had never been made known to them even by name.  Yet the prophets, contrary to the order and sequence of things, said that He should be the expectation of the Gentiles, and not of the Jews. 581   And so it happened.  For when He came, he was not at all acknowledged by those who seemed to expect Him, in consequence of the tradition of their ancestors; whereas those who had heard nothing at all of Him, both believe that He has come, and hope that he is to come.  And thus in all things prophecy appears faithful, which said that He was the expectation of the Gentiles.  The Jews, therefore, have erred concerning the first coming of the Lord; and on this point only there is disagreement betwixt us and them.  For they themselves know and expect that Christ shall come; but that he has come already in humility—even he who is called Jesus—they do not know.  And this is a great confirmation of His coming, that all do not believe on Him.”



Gen. xlix. 10.

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