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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XLIV

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Chapter XLIV.—Challenge by Caiaphas.

“But when we twelve apostles, on the day of the passover, had come together with an immense multitude, and entered into the church of the brethren, each one of us, at the request of James, 575 stated briefly, in the hearing of the people, what we had done in every place. 576   While this was going on, Caiaphas, the high priest, sent priests to us, and asked us to come to him, that either we should prove to him that Jesus is the eternal Christ, or he to us that He is not, and that so all the people should agree upon the one faith or the other; and this he frequently entreated us to do.  But we often put it off, always seeking for a more convenient time.”  Then I, Clement, answered to this:  “I think that this very question, whether He is the Christ, is of great importance for the establishment of the faith; otherwise the high priest would not so frequently ask that he might either learn or teach concerning the Christ.”  Then Peter:  “You have answered rightly, O Clement; for as no one can see without eyes, nor hear without ears, nor smell without nostrils, nor taste without a tongue, nor handle anything without hands, so it is impossible, without the true Prophet, to know what is pleasing to God.”  And I answered:  “I have already learned from your instruction that this true prophet is the Christ; but I should wish to learn what the Christ means, or why He is so called, that a matter of so great importance may not be vague and uncertain to me.”



[Evidently “the Lord’s brother.”  Comp. chap. 68.—R.]


This account of occurrences in Jerusalem (chaps. 45–70) is probably meant to supplement Acts v. and viii.  The date tallies with the stoning of Stephen, to which there is no allusion.  The whole bears abundant marks of “manipulation” of the New-Testament record.—R.]

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