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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXII

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Chapter XXII.—Repetition of Instructions.

When he had said this, he began to expound to me point by point of those chapters of the law which seemed to be in question, from the beginning of the creation even to that point of time at which I came to him at Cæsarea, telling me that the delay of Simon had contributed to my learning all things in order.  “At other times,” said he, “we shall discourse more fully on individual points of which we have now spoken shortly, according as the occasion of our conversation shall bring them before us; so that, according to my promise, you may gain a full and perfect knowledge of all.  Since, then, by this delay we have to-day on our hands, I wish to repeat to you again what has been spoken, that it may be the better recalled to your memory.”  Then he began in this way to refresh my recollection of what he had said:  “Do you remember, O friend Clement, the account I gave you of the eternal age, that knows no end?”  Then said I, “Never, O Peter, shall I retain anything, if I can lose or forget that.”

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