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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Two Epistles Concerning Virginity.: Chapter XVI

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Chapter XVI.—Exhortation to Union and to Obedience; Conclusion.

Therefore, we beseech you, our brethren in our Lord, that these things be observed with you, as with us, and that we may be of the same mind, that we may be one in you and ye may be one in us, and that in everything we may be of one soul and one heart in our Lord.  Whosoever knoweth the Lord heareth us; and every one p. 66 who is not of God heareth not us.  He who desires truly to keep sanctity heareth us; and the virgin who truly desires to keep virginity heareth us; but she who does not truly desire to keep virginity doth not hear us.  Finally, farewell in our Lord, and rejoice in the Lord, all ye saints.  Peace and joy be with you from God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.  So be it.

Here endeth the Second Epistle of Clement, the disciple of Peter.  His prayer be with us!  So be it.

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