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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Two Epistles Concerning Virginity.: Chapter VII

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Chapter VII.—The True Virgin.

Those, therefore, who imitate Christ, imitate Him earnestly.  For those who have “put on Christ” 348 in truth, express His likeness in their thoughts, and in their whole life, and in all their behaviour:  in word, and in deeds, and in patience, and in fortitude, and in knowledge, and in chastity, and in long-suffering, and in a pure heart, and in faith, and in hope, and in full and perfect love towards God.  No virgin, therefore, unless they be in everything as Christ, and as those “who are Christs,” 349 can be saved.  For every virgin who is in God is holy in her body and in her spirit, and is constant in the service of her Lord, not turning away from it any whither, but waiting upon Him always in purity and holiness in the Spirit of God, being “solicitous how she may please her Lord,” 350 by living purely and without stain, and solicitous to be pleasing before Him in every thing.  She who is such does not withdraw from our Lord, but in spirit is ever with her Lord:  as it is written, “Be ye holy, as I am holy, saith the Lord.” 351



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