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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VII:
Lactantius: Chap. IV

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Chap. IV.

This long peace, 1966 however, was afterwards interrupted. Decius appeared in the world, an accursed wild beast, to afflict the Church,—and who but a bad man would persecute religion? It seems as if he had been raised to sovereign eminence, at once to rage against God, and at once to fall; for, having undertaken an expedition against the Carpi, who had then possessed themselves of Dacia and Moefia, he was suddenly surrounded by the barbarians, and slain, together with great part of his army; nor could he be honoured with the rites of sepulture, but, stripped and naked, he lay to be devoured by wild beasts and birds, 1967 —a fit end for the enemy of God.  



[Most noteworthy in corroboration of the earlier Fathers.]  


[Jer. xxii. 19 and xxxvi. 30.]  

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