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81 [The incomparable beauty of our English version of this twelfth chapter of Koheleth is heightened not a little by comparison with this turgid metaphrase, It fails, in almost every instance, to extract the kernel of the successive stixoi of this superlatively poetic and didactic threnode. It must have been a youthful work.]

1 Of the holy Gregory, archbishop of Neo-Caesareia, surnamed Thaumaturgus, concerning those who, in the inroad of the barbarians, ate things sacrificed to idols, or offended in certain other matters. Gallandi, iii. p. 400. [Written A.D. 258 or 262.] There are scholia in Latin by Theodorus Balsamon and Joannes Zonaras on these canons. The note of the former on the last canon may be cited:-The present saint has defined shortly five several positions for the penitent; but he has not indicated either the times appointed for their exercise, or the sins for which discipline is determined. Basil the Great, again, has handed down to us an accurate account of these things in his canonical epistles. [Elucidation II.] Yet he, too, has referred to episcopal decision the matter of recovery through penalties [i.e., to the decision of his comprovincial bishops, as in Cyprian's example. See vol. v. p. 415, Elucidation XIII.; also Elucidation I. p. 20, infra

2 [Elucidation III. p. 20.]

3 1 Cor. vi. 13.

4 Matt. xv. 11.

5 Deut. xxii. 26, 27.

6 Gen. xviii. 23, 25.

7 Eph v. 5-13.

8 tou= fwto/j for the received pneu/matoj.

9 Josh. vii.

10 Deut. xxii. 1-3.

11 Ex. xxiii. 4.

12 w[n dei= ta\j kathgori/aj prosi/esqai.

13 Concerning those who forcibly detain captives escaped from the barbarians.

14 Concerning those who have been enrolled among the barbarians, and who have dared to do certain monstrous things against those of the same race with themselves.

15 culw|.

16 a0kroa/sewj.

17 Concerning those who have been so audacious as to invade the houses of others in the inroad of the barbarians.

18 tw=n u9postrefo/ntwn.

19 Concerning those who have found in the open field or in private houses property left behind them by the barbarians.

20 [Partially elucidated below in (the spurious) Canon XI. See Marshall's Penitential Discipline of the Primitive Church.]

21 mh/nutra, the price of information.

22 sw=stpa the reward for bringing back a runaway slave.

23 eu#retpa, the reward of discovery.

24 [This canon is rejected as spurious. Lardner Credib., ii. p. 633.]

25 pro/sklausij, discipline.

26 a0kro/asij.

27 e0n tw|= na/rqhki.

28 u9po/ptwsij.

29 su/stasij.

30 a9giasma/twn.

1 Delivered by Gregory Thaumaturgus in the Palestinian Caesareia, when about to leave for his own country, after many years' instruction under that teacher. [Circa A.D. 238.] Gallandi, Opera, p. 413.

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