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1 Hist. Eccl., vii. 29.

2 a0nh\r ta/ te a!lla lo/gioj.

3 De viris illustr., ch. 71.

4 In Eusebius, vii. 30. [Elucidation I., p. 172.]

1 This e@kqesij was edited under the name of Euthalius, Bishop of Sulce, towards the end of the preceding century, by Laurentius Zacagnius, in the collection of Monumenta Vetera, p. 428, published at Rome. Fabricius also compared the edition of Montfaucon with the Roman. This collation is added here.-Migne.

2 The text is ne/oi xro/nw| te kai\ maqhma/twn, e9ka/stou, &c.; for which Euthal., xro/nwn te kai\ maqhma/twn par' u9mw=n e0ka/stou.

3 sumperifora\n komizo/menoi.

4 But Euthal., dia\ me\n tou= me/lanoj...dia\ de\ tou= kinnaba/rewj i.e., by the different colours of black and vermilion.

5 These marks are wholly wanting in the Coislin Codex, from which Montfaucon edited the piece. But they are found in the Vatican Codex.-Tr.

6 Euthal. adds, kai peri th=j e0ndo/cou kai deute/raj au0tou= parousiaj, i.e, and of His glorious and second coming.

7 a0pobolh=j.

8 But Euthal. a0postolh=j, apostleship.

9 e0pifoith/sewj.

10 kathxh/sewj.

11 But Euthal., au0twn, their.

12 e0pistasia.

13 Euthal. inserts peri\ a0peilh=j, and of the threatening of the chief priests.

14 e0pi\ tw= o0no/mati; but Euthal., e0pi\to\ o@noma.

15 Reading a0ne/sewj with Euthal., instead of a0nanew/sewj.

16 qeofanei/a.

17 e0di/doto; Euthal., di/dotai is given.

18 o@ti ou0k a0rguriou; Euthal., ou0 di' a0rguri/ou.

19 Euthal., dia\ Barna/ban, on Barnabas's account.

20 Euthal. inserts pa/lin, again.

21 The text is w\n ei\pen o9 a@ggeloj, &c. But Euthal., w@n o9 a@ggeloj e@pemartu/rhse kai\ u\fhgh/sato, which the angel testified and showed.

22 diakriqei=si pro\j au0to/n.

23 The text gives oi0koumenikh=j; Euthal., oi0koume/nhj.

24 The text gives katasfagh=j; Euthal., katastrofh=j.

25 Euthal., eirga/santo, they did.

26 eu0qalh/j.

27 Reading fulakte/wn with Euthal., instead of fulake/wn.

28 The text gives paneu/tioj; Euthal., pane0stioj. Montfaucon reads panoiki/.

29 But Euthal., Kri/spou, Crispus.

30 prosxwrei=n; Euthal., e0gxeirei=n.

31 Euthal., parai/nesij poimantikh/, pastoral exhortation.

32 kata/stasij.

33 eu0qubo/lwj, perhaps here, as Montfaucon makes it, sagaciously.

34 Euthal., e0p' au0tou, before him.

35 Euthal., kata; Pau'lon, against Paul.

36 Euthal., dia\ kinnaba/rewj, with the vermilion.

1 Notes on English Divines, vol. i. p. 199.

2 Ibid., p. 313.

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