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12 Mark vii. 9.

13 1 Tim. vi. 3-5.

14 Eph.v. 6, 7.

15 Deut. xvii. 12.

16 [The high official tone with which Cyprian upholds his own authority is always balanced by equal zeal for the presbyters and the laity. On which Compare Hooker, Polity, book viii. cap. vi. 8.]

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. xliv, A.D 251.

2 [ Cornelius has succeeded to the cathedrain Rome. Here opens a new chapter in the history of Cyprian and of the Roman See.]

3 Ordinationto the episcopate was the term used. Consecrationis the inferior term now usual in Western Christendom. Elucidation VIII.]

4 "In statione," "stationary assembly;" these being the Wednesdays and Fridays in each week (Marshall). [See vol. i. p. 33.]

5 [Note the free use of this phrase by Cyprian This also to the Bishop of Rome.]

6 [Nothing of a "universal bishop" is intimated or heard of. The e ection is that of a bishop like any other bishop.]

7 [Here note, that the episcopate of Rome is in no otherwise regulated or regarded than that of any other See.]

1 Oxford ed,: Ep. xlv. A.D. 251.

2 The Oxford edition follows some authorities in reading this "sadness" rather than "gladness."

3 Ps. xxxiv. 13.

4 Ps. l. 19, 20.

5 Eph. iv, 29.

6 Lit.: "that these things ought to be done."

7 The co-presbyter here spoken of is Novatian. The Orford text reads," When such writings came to me concerning you and your co-presbyters sitting with you, as had the true ring of religious simplicity m then'." There is a variety of readings. [But think of a modern "Pope" thus addressed about a "co-presbyter."]

8 [Cyprian, however, respectfully demands the canonical evidences from his brother Cornelius.]

9 [Every bishop thus announced his ordination.]

10 [Had such instructions proceeded from the Roman See to Cyprian, what inferences would have been manufactured out of them by the media:vol writers.]

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. xlvii. A.D. 25l.

2 [On the frequent confusion of these names see Wordsworth, Hippol., p. 109.]

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. xlvi. A.D. 251.

2 [" Another bishop should be made." What would have been the outcry o( the whole Church, and what the language of Cyprian, had any idea entered their minds that the case was that of the Divine Oracle of Christendom, the Vicar of Christ, the Centre of Unity, the Infallible, etc.]

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. xlviii. A.D. 251.

2 [This refers to the episcopate. They had taken letters only to "presbyters and deacons." Or to Christ the root, and the Church the womb or matrix. See infra, Letter xlviii. p. 325.

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. xlix. A.D. 251.

2 Novatian.

3 Baluz.: "Announced the swelling pride of some, the softened temper of others."

4 [i.e., for episcopal ordination and consecration.]

5 [See Ep. xvii. p. 296, supra.]

6 Matt. v. 8.

7 [Episcopatus unus est. One bishop, i e., one episcopate. See the note, Oxford translation of this letter, p. 108, and Cyprian's theory of the same in his Treatise on Unity.]

8 Baluzius reads,without authority: "Who would not be moved by that profession of theirs.", etc.

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. li. A.D. 251.

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