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172 Hesiod, Works and Days, i. 73-114 (Elton's translation [in substance. S.]).

173 Hesiod, Works and Days, i.125-134 (Elton's translation [in substance. S.]).

174 "mu=qo/n tina"


175 para/deisoj.

176 Penia, poverty; Porus, abundance.

177 dia\ th\n au\th=j a0pori/an.

178 e\n toi=j e0kei/nhj geneqli/oij.

179 e0n toiau=th| tu/xh| kaqe/sthke.

180 sklhro\j kai\ auxmhro/j.

181 e0ndei/a.

182 su/ntonoj.

183 deino/j.

184 kai\ fronh/sewj kai\ po/rimoj.

185 deino\j go/hj.

186 [Plato, Symposion, xxiii. p. 203. S.]

187 Boherellus, quem Ruaeus sequitur, in notis; "Ante voces": ti/na tro/pon, videtur deesse: qauma/sontai, aut quid simile." - Lommatzsch.

188 to\ lego/menon.

189 eu0katafronh/twn.

190 fusiologei= Mwu>\sh=j ta\ peri\ tou= a!qrw/pou fu/sewj.

191 Cf. 1 Cor. xv. 22 with Rom. v. 14.

192 ou0k e!sti kaq' h[j ou0 le/getai.

193 pteror0r9uou/shj. This is a correction for pterofuou/lhj, the textual reading in the Benedictine and Spencer's edd.

194 a0llo/koton.

195 korw/nh.

196 paraxara/ttontej kai\ r9a|diourgou=ntej.

197 toi= duna/mei le/gesqai ta\ me/tra.

198 [This question, which is little short of astounding, illustrates the marvellous reach and play of Origen's fancy at times. See note supra, p. 262. S.]

199 paraxara/ttontej kai\ r9a|diourgou=ntej.

200 Cf. Matt. xxi. 43.

201 e!cwron.

202 Cf. Gen. iv. 8.

203 Cf. Gen. xxvii. 41.

204 a!gxista de\ toutoij pa=si sumpoliteu/omenon.

205 qeiothta.

206 e0r0r9wme/nwj.

207 Cf. Gen. xxx. 42 (LXX.). "The feebler were Laban's, and the stronger Jacob's" (Auth. Vers.).

208 Cf. Gen. xxx. 43.

209 Cf. 1 Cor. x. 11.

210 par' oi[j ta\ poiki\la h!qh e0pi/shma geno/mena, tw=| logw\| tou= Qeou= politeu/etai, doqe/nta kth=sij kaloume/nw| 'Iakw/b: e0pi/shma is the term employed to denote the "spotted" cattle of Laban, and is here used by Origen in its figurative sense of "distinguished," thus playing on the double meaning of the word.

211 fre/ata.

212 la/kkouj.

213 th\n e0nupa/rxousan gh=n kai\ a0rxh\n tw=n poti/mwn a0gaqw=n. Boherellus proposes: th\n e0nupa/rxousan phgh\n kai\ a0rxh\n tw=n poti/mwn u9da/twn.

214 Cf. Prov. v. 15-17.

215 Cf. Gen. xxvi. 15.

216 nu\mfaj.

217 Cf. Gal. iv. 21-24.

218 ta\ a0pemfai/nonta.

219 Gen. xix. 17.

220 oi9 e0pitugxa/nonte/j ge au0tw=n.

221 ou0k eu0katafro/nhtoj au0toi=j.

222 zw/puron.

223 boulh/mati.

224 e!xei de/ tina kai\ kaq' au0to\ a/pologi/an. [Our Edinburgh translator gives a misleading rendering here. Origen throughout this part of his argument is reasoning ad hominem, and has shown that Greek philosophy sustains this idea.]

225 Cf. Homer, Iliad, vi. 160.

226 o9si\aj e#neken.

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