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4 Horus vel Or. Cf. Ibid. (Zweite Beilage: uber Namen und Beinamen der Origenes). [But compare Cave, vol. i. p. 322. Lives of the Fathers, Oxford, 1840.]

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9 thj ec ekeinou peri thn pistin orqodociaj enargh pareixeto deigmata.

10 The obol was about three-halfpence of English money.

11 For a full discussion of the doubts which have been thrown upon the credibility of Eusebius in this matter by Schnitzer and Baur, cf. Redepenning, Origenes, vol. i. pp. 444-458, and Hefele, Encyclopaedie der Katholischen Theologie, s. v. Origenes.

12 [Where he met with Hippolytus, and heard him preach, according to St. Jerome.]

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17 Euseb., Hist. Eccles., b. vi. c. 21: par h xronon diatriyaj pleista te osa eij thn tou Kurion docan dai thj tou qeiou didaskaleiou arethj epideicamenoj, epi taj sunhqeij espeude diatribaj.

18 Cf. Hefele, Encyclopaedie, etc., s. v. Origenes.

19 Epeigoushj xreiaj ekklhsiastikwn eneka pragmatwn.

20 Cf. Redepenning, vol. i. p. 406, etc.

21 Cf. ibid.

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23 With the exception of the first book; cf. Migne, vol. ix. pp. 542-632.

24 Cf. Photii Bibliotheca, ed. Hoeschel, p. 298.

25 Eusebius expressly mentions that both these works, among others, were published before he left Alexandria. - Hist. Eccles., b. vi. c. 24.

26 s. v. Origenes.

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28 Ibid.

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30 o akrwthriasaj eauton mh genesqw klhrikoj. Cf. Redepenning, vol. i. pp. 208, 216, 218.

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41 Both of these are translated in the first volume of Origen's works in this series.

42 Abridged from Redepenning.

43 Harwood's translation.

44 i.e., Thaumaturgus.

45 [The Messrs. Clark announced, in their original plan, that, of the manifold works of this great Father, only these specimens could be given.]

1 It is matter of deep regret that the proposal of the Edinburgh publishers, to include in Origen's works a translation of his Homilies, did not meet with sufficient encouragement to warrant them in adding these to the present series.

2 Book II. cap. ix.

3 Third edition, Cambridge, 1883, pp. 418, 509.

1 Jerome is the person alluded to.

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