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346 Mundi.

347 For "dimisit in umbris" I read here "demisit in imbris." If we retain the former reading, it will then mean, "dispersed during the shades of night," during which it was that the manna seems always to have fallen.

348 "Sitientis" in Oehler must be a misprint for "sitientes."

349 There ought to be a "se" in the Latin if this be the meaning.

350 For "Mundator carnis serae" = "the Cleanser of late flesh" (which would seem, if it mean anything, to mean that the flesh had to wait long for its cleansing), I have read "carnis nostrae."

351 Lignum.

352 I have followed the disjointed style of the Latin as closely as I could here.

353 Here we seem to see the idea of the "limbus patrum."

354 "Subiens" = "going beneath," i.e., apparently coming beneath the walls of heaven.

355 i.e., a figure of the future harvest.

356 I have hazarded the conjecture "minutus" here for the edd.'s "munitus." It add's one more, it is true, to our author's false quantities, but that is a minor difficulty, while it improves (to my mind) the sense vastly.

357 See p. 156, supra.

358 See De Praescrip., cap. xxxii. vol. iii. p. 258.

359 Cap. v. vol. iii. p. 525.

360 Christ in the Holy Sacrament, §xi. 6.

361 De Anima, cap. xvii.

362 Vol. i. p. 304.

363 Chap. xxi. verse 25.

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