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277 Mundi.

278 Virtute.

279 Honestas.

280 Or, "records:" "monumenta," i.e., the written word, according to the canon.

281 I make no apology for the ruggedness of the versification and the obscurity of the sense in this book, further than to say that the state of the Latin text is such as to render it almost impossible to find any sense at all in many places, while the grammar and metre are not reducible to any known laws. It is about the hardest and most uninteresting book of the five.

282 Or, "consecrated by seers and patriarchs."

283 i.e., all the number of Thy disciples.

284 Tempora lustri, i.e., apparently the times during which these "elders" (i.e., the bishops, of whom a list is given at the end of book iii.) held office. "Lustrum" is used of other periods than it strictly implies, and this seems to give some sense to this difficult passage.

285 i.e., Marcion.

286 i.e., excommunicated.

287 Complexu vario.

288 Ancipiti quamquam cum crimine. The last word seems almost = "discrimine;" just as our author uses "cerno" = "discerno."

289 Mundo.

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