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211 Migne's pointing is followed, in preference to Oehler's.

212 "Unum hunc esse Patrem;" i.e., "that this One (God) is the Father." But I rather incline to read, "unumque esse;" or we may render, "This One is the Sire."

213 See 1 Cor. viii. 5, 6 (but notice the prepositions in the Greek; our author is not accurate in rendering them); Eph. iv. 4, 5, 6.

214 Ad quem se curvare genu plane omne fatetur. The reference is to Phil. ii. 10; but our author is careless in using the present tense, "se curvare."

215 The reference is to Eph. iii. 14, 15; but here again our author seems in error, as he refers the words to Christ, whereas the meaning of the apostle appears clearly to refer them to the Father.

216 Legitimos. See book iv. 91.

217 See Gal. iii. 20. But here, again, "Galatas" seems rather like an error; for in speaking to the Corinthians St. Paul uses an expression more like our author's: see 2 Cor. xi. 2. The Latin, too, is faulty: "Talem se Paulus zelum se scripsit habere," where, perhaps, for the first "se" we should read "sic."

218 Comp. Ex. xx. 5; Deut. v. 9.

219 See Isa. i. 10-15; Jer. vi. 20.

220 Causa etenim fidei rationis imagine major.

221 Comp. 1 Cor. xiii. 12; Heb. x. 1.

222 Moses. See Heb. ix. 19-22, and the references there.

223 Comp. Heb. ix. 13.

224 Alluding probably to our Lord's bearing of the cross-beam of His cross - the beam being the "yokes," and the upright stem of the cross the "plough-beam" - on His shoulders. - See John xix. 17.

225 Templum. Comp. John ii. 19-22; Col. ii. 9.

226 Libro. The reference is to the preceding lines, especially 89, and Heb. ix. 19, auto to Biblion. The use of "libro" is curious, as it seems to be used partly as if it would be equivalent to pro libro, "in the place of a book," partly in a more truly datival sense, "to serve the purposes of a book;" and our "for" is capable of the two senses.

227 For this comparison of "speaking" to "sprinkling," comp. Deut. xxxii. 2, "My doctrine shall drop as the rain; my speech shall distil as the dew," etc.; Job xxix. 22, "My speech dropped upon them;" with Eph. v. 26, and with our Lord's significant action (recorded in the passage here alluded to, John xx. 22) of "breathing on" (enefushsen) His disciples. Comp., too, for the "witnesses" and "words of presage," Luke xxiv. 48, 49; Acts i. 6-8.

228 i.e., the chief of the Levites, the high priest.

229 Comp. Heb. xiii. 12, 13; John xix. 19, 20.

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