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188 This is the way Oehler's punctuation reads. Migne's reads as follows: -

Upon the chair where Peter's self had sat," etc.

189 "Is spostolicis bene notus." This may mean (a) as in our text; (b) by his apostolically-minded writings - writings like an apostle's; or (c) by the apostolic writings, i.e., by the mention made of him, supposing him to be the same, in Phil. iv. 3.

190 Legem.

191 Legis.

192 Germine frater.

193 An allusion to the well-known Pastor or Shepherd of Hermas.

194 Our author makes the name Anicetus. Rig. (as quoted by Oehler) observes that a comparison of the list of bishops of Rome here given with that given by Tertullian in de Praescr., c. xxxii., seems to show that this metrical piece cannot be his.

195 The state of the text in some parts of this book is frightful. It has been almost hopeless to extract any sense whatever out of the Latin in many passages - indeed, the renderings are in these cases little better than guess-work - and the confusion of images, ideas, and quotations is extraordinary.

196 See the preceding book.

197 I have changed the unintelligible "daret" of the edd. into "docet." The reference seems to be to Matt. xxiii. 8; Jas. iii. 1; 1 Pet. v. 2, 3.

198 Molem belli deducere terrae.

199 Aemulamenta. Migne seems to think the word refers to Marcion's "Antitheses."

200 i.e., apparently Marcion's.

201 Monumenta.

202 See the opening of the preceding book.

203 "Conditus;" i.e., probably (in violation of quantity) the past part. of "conditio" = flavoured, seasoned.

204 I have altered the punctuation here.

205 Inferni.

206 Locator.

207 These lines are capable, according to their punctuation, of various renderings, which for brevity's sake I must be content to omit.

208 i.e., the People of Israel. See the de Idol., p. 148, c. v. note 1.

209 See Deut. vi. 3, 4, quoted in Mark xii. 29, 30.

210 This savours of the Nicene Creed.

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