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176 Ignibus et multa consumpta volumina vatum. Multa must, apparently, be an error for some word signifying "mould" or the like; unless, with the disregard of construction and quantity observable in this author, it be an acc. pl. to agree with volumina, so that we must take "omnia multa volumina" together, which would alter the whole construction of the context.

177 Ablutor.

178 Ablutor.

179 Juventus.

180 Mundo.

181 Salutem = Christum. So Simeon, "Mine eyes have seen Thy salvation," where the Greek word should be noted and compared with its usage in the LXX., especially in the Psalms. See Luke ii. 30.

182 Comp. 1 John i. 1, 2.

183 See 2 Cor. xii. 1 sqq.

184 The common reading is, "Atque suae famulae portavit spreta dolorem." for which Oehler reads "portarit;" but I incline rather to suggest that "portavit" be retained, but that the "atque" be changed into "aeque," thus: "Aeque suae famulae portavit spreta dolorem;" i.e., Since, like Sarah, the once barren Christian church-mother hath had children, equally, like Sarah, hath she had to bear scorn and spleen at her handmaid's - the Jewish church-mother's - hands.

185 Dolorem.

186 i.e., Ishmael's.

187 "Immanes," if it be the true reading.

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