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89 Viro. This use of "man" may be justified, to say nothing of other arguments, from Jer. xliv. 19, where "our men" seem plainly = "our husbands." See marg.

90 Virgo: a play on the word in connection with the "viro" and what follows.

91 Vir.

92 i.e., Adam's. The constructions, as will be seen, are oddly confused throughout, and I rather suspect some transposition of lines.

93 Mulier.

94 Mariti.

95 See 1 Cor. xv. 22 sqq., especially 45, 47.

96 Acres gressus.

97 Femina.

98 Lavacri.

99 "Os;" lit., "face" or "mouth."

100 Terra.

101 This would seem to refer to Lazarus; but it seems to be an assumption that his raising took place on a Sabbath.

102 i.e., to life.

103 I have ventured to alter the "Morti," of the edd. into "Forti;" and "causas" (as we have seen) seems, in this late Latin, nearly = "res."

104 i.e., the grain.

105 This may seem an unusual expression, as it is more common to regard the fruit as gracing the tree, than the tree the fruit. But, in point of fact, the tree, with its graceful form and foliage, may be said to give a grace to the fruit; and so our author puts it here: "decoratos arbore fructus."

106 I read "primum" here for "primus."