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43 Or, "there." The question is, whether a different tree is meant, or the rose just spoken of.

44 This seems to be marshmallows.

45 Here again it is plain that the writer is drawing his description from what we read of the garden of Eden.

46 "Salus," health (probably) in its widest sense, both bodily and mental; or perhaps "safety," "salvation."

47 Reliquam vitam, i.e., apparently his life in all other relations; unless it mean his life after his parents' death, which seems less likely.

48 i.e., "appeals to." So Burke: "I attest the former, I attest the coming generations." This "attesting of its acts" seems to refer to Matt. xxv. 44. It appeals to them in hope of mitigating its doom.

49 This seems to be the sense. The Latin stands thus: "Flammas pro meritis, stagnantia tela tremiscunt."

50 Or, "banished."

51 I adopt the correction (suggested in Migne) of justis for justas.

52 This is an extraordinary use for the Latin dative; and even if the meaning be "for (i.e., to suffer) penalty eternal," it is scarcely less so.

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