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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol III:
Tertullian: Part III: On Patience.

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Chapter I
God Himself an Example of Patience.
Jesus Christ in His Incarnation and Work a More Imitable Example Thereof.
Duty of Imitating Our Master Taught Us by Slaves. Even by Beasts. Obedient Imitation is Founded on Patience.
As God is the Author of Patience So the Devil is of Impatience.
Patience Both Antecedent and Subsequent to Faith.
The Causes of Impatience, and Their Correspondent Precepts.
Of Patience Under Personal Violence and Malediction.
Of Patience Under Bereavement.
Of Revenge.
Further Reasons for Practising Patience. Its Connection with the Beatitudes.
Certain Other Divine Precepts. The Apostolic Description of Charity. Their Connection with Patience.
Of Bodily Patience.
The Power of This Twofold Patience, the Spiritual and the Bodily. Exemplified in the Saints of Old.
General Summary of the Virtues and Effects of Patience.
The Patience of the Heathen Very Different from Christian Patience. Theirs Doomed to Perdition. Ours Destined to Salvation.

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