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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol III:
Tertullian: Part III: On Prayer.

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Chapter I
The First Clause.
The Second Clause.
The Third Clause.
The Fourth Clause.
The Fifth Clause.
The Sixth Clause.
The Seventh or Final Clause.
We May Superadd Prayers of Our Own to the Lord's Prayer.
When Praying the Father, You are Not to Be Angry with a Brother.
We Must Be Free Likewise from All Mental Perturbation.
Of Washing the Hands.
Of Putting Off Cloaks.
Of Sitting After Prayer.
Of Elevated Hands.
Of the Kiss of Peace.
Of Stations.
Of Women's Dress.
Of Virgins.
Answer to the Foregoing Arguments.
Of Kneeling.
Of Place for Prayer.
Of Time for Prayer.
Of the Parting of Brethren.
Of Subjoining a Psalm.
Of the Spiritual Victim, Which Prayer is.
Of the Power of Prayer.

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