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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol III:
Tertullian: Part II: Book III

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Chapter I
Why Christ's Coming Should Be Previously Announced.
Miracles Alone, Without Prophecy, an Insufficient Evidence of Christ's Mission.
Marcion's Christ Not the Subject of Prophecy. The Absurd Consequences of This Theory of the Heretic.
Sundry Features of the Prophetic Style: Principles of Its Interpretation.
Community in Certain Points of Marcionite and Jewish Error. Prophecies of Christ's Rejection Examined.
Prophecy Sets Forth Two Different Conditions of Christ, One Lowly, the Other Majestic. This Fact Points to Two Advents of Christ.
Absurdity of Marcion's Docetic Opinions; Reality of Christ's Incarnation.
Refutation of Marcion's Objections Derived from the Cases of the Angels, and the Pre-Incarnate Manifestations of the Son of God.
The Truly Incarnate State More Worthy of God Than Marcion's Fantastic Flesh.
Christ Was Truly Born; Marcion's Absurd Cavil in Defence of a Putative Nativity.
Isaiah's Prophecy of Emmanuel. Christ Entitled to that Name.
Isaiah's Prophecies Considered. The Virginity of Christ's Mother a Sign. Other Prophecies Also Signs. Metaphorical Sense of Proper Names in Sundry Passages of the Prophets.
Figurative Style of Certain Messianic Prophecies in the Psalms. Military Metaphors Applied to Christ.
The Title Christ Suitable as a Name of the Creator's Son, But Unsuited to Marcion's Christ.
The Sacred Name Jesus Most Suited to the Christ of the Creator. Joshua a Type of Him.
Prophecies in Isaiah and the Psalms Respecting Christ's Humiliation.
Types of the Death of Christ. Isaac; Joseph; Jacob Against Simeon and Levi; Moses Praying Against Amalek; The Brazen Serpent.
Prophecies of the Death of Christ.
The Subsequent Influence of Christ's Death in the World Predicted. The Sure Mercies of David. What These are.
The Call of the Gentiles Under the Influence of the Gospel Foretold.
The Success of the Apostles, and Their Sufferings in the Cause of the Gospel, Foretold.
The Dispersion of the Jews, and Their Desolate Condition for Rejecting Christ, Foretold.
Christ's Millennial and Heavenly Glory in Company with His Saints.

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