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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol III:
Tertullian: Part I: An Answer to the Jews.

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Chapter I
The Law Anterior to Moses.
Of Circumcision and the Supercession of the Old Law.
Of the Observance of the Sabbath.
Of Sacrifices.
Of the Abolition and the Abolisher of the Old Law.
The Question Whether Christ Be Come Taken Up.
Of the Times of Christ's Birth and Passion, and of Jerusalem's Destruction.
Of the Prophecies of the Birth and Achievements of Christ.
Concerning the Passion of Christ, and Its Old Testament Predictions and Adumbrations.
Further Proofs, from Ezekiel. Summary of the Prophetic Argument Thus Far.
Further Proofs from the Calling of the Gentiles.
Argument from the Destruction of Jerusalem and Desolation of Judea.
Conclusion. Clue to the Error of the Jews.
The Soul's Testimony.
Chapter I
Chapter II.
Chapter III.
Chapter IV.
Chapter V.
Chapter VI.

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