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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol II:
THE PASTOR OF HERMAS: Book Second.—Commandments

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p. 20

The Pastor

Book Second.—Commandments.


Commandment First. On Faith in God.
Commandment Second. On Avoiding Evil-Speaking, and on Giving Alms in Simplicity.
Commandment Third. On Avoiding Falsehood, and on the Repentance of Hermas for His Dissimulation.
Commandment Fourth. On Putting One’s Wife Away for Adultery.
Commandment Fifth. Of Sadness of Heart, and of Patience.
Commandment Sixth. How to Recognise the Two Spirits Attendant on Each Man, and How to Distinguish the Suggestions of the One from Those of the Other.
Commandment Seventh. On Fearing God, and Not Fearing the Devil.
Commandment Eighth. We Ought to Shun that Which is Evil, and Do that Which is Good.
Commandment Ninth. Prayer Must Be Made to God Without Ceasing, and with Unwavering Confidence.
Commandment Tenth. Of Grief, and Not Grieving the Spirit of God Which is in Us.
Commandment Eleventh. The Spirit and Prophets to Be Tried by Their Works; Also of the Two Kinds of Spirit.
Commandment Twelfth. On the Twofold Desire. The Commandments of God Can Be Kept, and Believers Ought Not to Fear the Devil.

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