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Jirjathaim, place


(the two cities).

On the east of the Jordan, one of the places which were taken possession of and rebuilt by the Reubenites, and had fresh names conferred on them, (Numbers 32:37) and see (Numbers 32:38) the first and last of which are known with some tolerable degree of certainty, and you can find more about that here on on other commentaries and dictionary entries. (Joshua 12:19) It existed in the time of Jeremiah, (Jeremiah 48:1,23) and Ezekiel. (Ezekiel 25:9) In the three passages named the Authorized Version gives the name Kiriathaim. By Eusebius it appears to have been well known. He describes it as a village entirely of Christians, ten miles west of Medeba, "close to the Baris."


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