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Prayer Before Meals


Blessed art Thou, O Lord who supported us from our youth and granted unto us Thy blessings, and prepared food for every creature; for the eyes of all await Thee, Thou who gave them their food in due season.

Thou open Thine hands and fill all living things. To Thee is due glory, praise, blessing and thanksgiving for the food that Thou hast prepared for us. Stretch forth Thy right hand and bless this food set before us for the nourishment of our bodies. Let it be for power and health of our lives.

Grant salvation, grace, blessing and purity to all those who partake thereof. Lift our minds to Thee at all times to seek our spiritual and eternal food. Grant that we may labour for the everlasting food which is for life eternal. Grant us to be partakers of Thy evening banquet.

Grant us the food of blessing, the cup of salvation, and fill our hearts with joy. Grant us a peaceful life, joy of the soul and health of the body.

Teach us to seek Thy pleasure in all things so that when eating, drinking or labouring, we do it all for the glory of Thy Holy Name. For Thine is the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

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