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Prayer After Communion


My heart has been filled with joy and my tongue with rejoicing. Let my spirit glorify the Lord, and my soul rejoice in God my Savior. I have drawn nigh to Thee, O Lord, to clothe me with a radiant garment and make me worthy to enter into Thy wedding.

Let my union with Thee today be forever, for through it I increase and grow firm in virtue, wax strong in faith, and strengthen my hope. Let it become a sign of salvation, a raiment of grace, a garment of the new birth, a purity and righteousness of body and soul, a cleansing of love, an eternal happiness and joy, a good answer before Thy dreadful tribune.

I commit myself to Thy compassion to make me one with Thee and under Thy will. I call forth my mind and my senses to Thee. My will do Thou bless to obey Thy will.

Enliven my heart and awaken my conscience. Disperse the fantasies of the adversaries. Still the tempest. Walk with me and calm my terror. Quench my thirst, kindle the flame of Thy love in my heart. Abide with me for the day is far spent, and accompany me until daybreak. For Thou are my goal and my happiness. Thou alone, O Lord, forever. Amen.

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